Thursday, December 01, 2011

An Aunt Sandy Post to get me back in the blogging mood

As stated in my previous post, I've taken a pause in mourning for my father.  It's humbling how many friends will show such kindness to you upon the death of a loved one.  I am quite thankful (and when the horrible day comes, I look forward to helping them out too).

Now that I am back and posting, I had to start with gratuitous silliness.  Yes, more Sandra Lee.  This was the Halloween episode I missed for much more important highlights, Lee's latest lameness (created by MrSuperProductions).  Scratch that: it's not lame.  Anything this absurd can not be described merely as "lame".  It is fabulous and campy in its horribleness.  And by that standard, Aunt Sandy has really topped herself.  Even the slightly out-of-sync audio just seems to completely work here.  She's slurring her words.  Apparently this show was mostly silly costumes and silly cocktails, and very few "recipes".

Please tell me the bunny rabbit thing at the very end means that she will never be cooking or mixing, ever again.