Thursday, September 23, 2010

(Still on Hiatus, but...) The City Paper likes me, it really likes me!

Yes, I'm still on a very necessary sabbatical. But I just found out today (thanks, Brett) that the City Paper really seems to like this blog. From their website:

Most food blogs just annoy us—we already know how awesome bacon is, thanks. The Baltimore Snacker appears to have concocted a good recipe for not only not annoying us, but for keeping us clicking back. It goes something like this: one part personable, never-precious reviews of local restaurants and other places that have food; one part links to interesting food news and think pieces from all over, usually with his own even-handed yet drily witty two cents folded in; the occasional recipe that seems designed to share a (hopefully tasty) experiment, not to audition for Top Chef or Man vs. Food; and random personal (but not too personal) posts and funny bits that don’t test our patience. We are entertained, we learn stuff, and we don’t want to smack him. Winner.
It's difficult to be witty here. I'm welling up. Thank you, City Paper. I am unbelievably flattered :)

What a time to go on sabbatical, huh?


Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

That is soooooooooo awesome!!!!!!! Go, you!

Wendi @ Bon Appetit Hon said...

Congrats. Have you considered posting the following quote on the home page - "We learn stuff and we don't want to smack him". Because that's brilliant.

theminx said...

Wow - congratulations!

Mairead said...

/agree with Wendi. If you don't provoke rage, that seems a stunning and ringing endorsement to me. :)

Dan said...

Nicely done John and totally deserved! Whenever I'm heading somewhere new and looking for a place to eat Snacker is the first place I turn. Congrats!!