Monday, May 21, 2007

Snackin' around the Beltway

I am starting a new project. I am always driving around looking for good eats in different parts of town. And my travels take me all over the beltway. So why not, I reasoned, deliberately see what is waiting for me off of the different exits?

This is the idea for my new project: Snacking around the Beltway. I know, it’s not the most original name, considering. It is more original than the “Beltway Snacker” would’ve been. Not much, but enough for my purposes.

Eventually, I plan to put these on their own separate page. Why? It just seems like a good idea to keep it all together in its own special little place. But for now, I'll keep them here. When I do set up the new blog, I'll put all these related posts there.

My own personal rules for this project are simple:

1. I will try to stay as close as possible to the exit - this is to find food right off the exit. After all, what if you're hungry and need something now?

2. I will not write about any place about which I have written before. This is specifically so that I can find new places to try out.

3. If an exit branches off into two or three exits, I will venture off in each direction at some point. Again, this is to try as much as possible.

4. If the exit is an on-ramp to another interstate, I will get off the first exit I can (so if I get off of Exit 11B, I-95 south, the first exit I would take off of it would be where I stopped).

5. I can bend these rules as I see fit, if it's most convenient for me - particularly if there is nothing for miles off an exit.

6. Finally, and this is the one I will not bend: I will visit each exit in numerical order. For instance, I'm not going to write about Arbutus (Exit 10) until I visit Lansdowne (Exit 9) first.

Look for my first post about my adventure off of Exit 1, Ft. Smallwood Rd and Pasadena, in the near future.


Rachel said...

exit one? are you going to Cookies?

Baltimore Snacker said...

Oh I tried, but they were closed every time I went there! I was bummed because that is the one place everyone talks about. But I did go somewhere!

Maryanna said...

This looks like a fun project! Although, it'll take you a looooooong time to get to my neck of the woods (dundalk).

Lauren said...

I just found your blog and I cant wait to read through your "snackin around the beltway"!