Monday, February 21, 2011

A Dinner Party with Nick Malgieri

I was so fortunate the other night to stop by Julie Thorne's (Kitchenography's), where many area food bloggers were congregated, for an event organized by Dara Bunjon (Dining Dish and the Baltimore Dining Examiner column): an evening with pastry chef and author Nick Malgieri. Though I did not get to stay too long, I did get to meet Nick, see a lot of my fellow blogheads, meet some bloggers that I had not met before (or had only met through online social media), and eat some delicious food. I did nibble on appetizers - those mushroom caps were almost gone when I got there but the few I had were delicious - and cookies.

And I chatted with Nick, who is a charming man. Though the chat was brief, a few of us did talk with him about Thai food. He wanted to find out a good place to get some in town, and told us about one author who spent time in parts of Thailand that most American chefs have never seen, bringing in unique Thai ways of cooking that most of those chefs did not even know or believe existed! (If only I could remember that author's name!!! I need to be the anthropologist and bring notepad and paper with me at all times.)

The event was potluck/covered dish, and I got to bring a hot milk cake - recipe from John Shield's Chesapeake Bay Cookery book, which is now falling apart because I have used it so often (here's a similar recipe from the Sun).

I can only imagine the spirited conversation during the dinner party, but at least I don't have to imagine the delicious food. I did get to take some home with me, and everything I ate was delicious, from baked chicken to rice pilaf to meatballs, and everything in between.

Nick had made a Chocolate Bourbon Cake, which I did not get the chance to try since I needed to leave early. But I bet it was very good. This is just one recipe in his new cookbook Bake! which promises to "take all the intimidation out of baking" with delicious results. I am game, and may have to try and interpret that Chocolate Bourbon Cake to see what I missed.

The cake missing the slice? I brought that.