Monday, February 21, 2011

Cutting Back on Soda: Update #1

Just a brief update on my quest to not drink so much soda/pop/coke/whatever. This time last week, I was drinking about 3 cans (roughly 36 oz) soda a day. Mind you, I was trying to drink as much in water, but still. Since Tuesday, I've managed to cut myself back to 1 1/2 cans (18 oz) a day, with a little more in case I am driving around very late (like on my super long 8AM to 10PM Wednesdays). The secret? Actually, a few secrets:

1) I've been drinking half a can at a time, and sealing the can back up with that "seal wrap" that works so much better than plastic wrap (for most things at least)

2) I've also been drinking a lot more water and homemade iced tea. I don't touch the pre-made store bought bottled stuff. That has enough crap in it that I might as well stick with the soda.

So, that's how it's working so far. Another update is coming next week.