Friday, July 20, 2007

Burrito Rage Closes California Highway...

...well, not exactly. We do have it bad here traffic-wise. We do not have it nearly as bad as they do in Southern California. Y'all, I am speaking from experience. Look no further than the news for proof. Due to death threats, violence, and attacks with guns, cars and a burrito - all aimed at workers trying to expand California Highway 138 - the California Highway Patrol has had to shut down the highway altogether.

Drivers in SoCal are intense. And they are assholes - all of 'em. Men, women, old, young, all races, religions and sexual persuasions. Sadly, the best drivers always, consistently turned out to be the ones with out-of-state license plates (US, Mexican, Canadian - better drivers all). And yes, I admit, after 6 1/2 years there, I was transforming slowly into an asshole as well. So I am criticizing myself here, too.

I even felt it yesterday on 895. Though the Maryland Highway Administration does seem to choose irritating times and methods to fix the roads, I admit they have to do it. So I don't direct my rage at the workers - I direct it at my poor, bruised steering wheel. But not everyone is me.

So I can't feel sorry for drivers along the 138. They really brought it upon themselves. Okay, not all of them. But probably a lot of them. They won't have to detour for long, though. Due to the total shutdown of the freeway, it's now scheduled to be finished a few weeks ahead of schedule!