Sunday, June 24, 2007

How do people make their crab cakes?

A few days ago I commented on the use of panko bread crumbs in Maryland crab cakes. I love panko, so this sounds tasty. I asked people to tell me what they would rather put in a crab cake, seeing as how there really is a variety of opinions. Here's a summary (feel free to add to this list):

Commenter Hon will only use saltines or cracker meal. Simply put, "NEVER bread crumbs!" jmc had to agree:

Cheap white bread broken into small (pinkie finger nail sized) chunks. Never bread crumbs. Ever.

I worked in a family-run seafood business as a teenager, making thousands crabcakes, gallons of crab soup, and bushels of steamed crabs. The business has long since been sold and the recipe book (hand-written in a black and white composition book) was discarded by the buyer of the business before realizing its importance. I still get asked for the recipe. Um, no, not mine to share; it's Elsie's, and if she won't give it to you then I can't.

I would've asked :)

Just what to put in that crab cake can be a contentious issue, as anonymouscoworker put it:
Apparently the "Maryland" thing to do is use either stale bread, crackers, or no filling whatsoever. I've heard aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors, and complete strangers get into fights about this.

It's unsettled, in my opinion, to say the least.

Danielle at least seemed to think the panko was a good idea. But she has yet to try. As she put it,

I've eaten a lot of crab cakes (most recently at Warren's Station in Fenwick Island, DE), but never made my own. I really want to have some steamed crabs at least once this summer. Yum. Also, Maryland Crab soup is my favorite, but it's risky to order outside of MD.

NB: I never got to Fenwick Island, but I will make a beeline for Warren's Station the next time I get down there.

Any other suggestions? I wold love to hear!