Monday, June 25, 2007

Foodless in Seattle?

Looking at the foodie and other area blogs, no less than three different bloggers are either in or heading to the Rainy City (my nickname, not theirs). Charm City Cupcake is in Seattle right now. Look at the delicious coffee she got!

Lovely! And recent commenter Cham is also in Washington State right now - she, too, got some "fāncy" coffee. And from NYC, Adam up at the Amateur Gourmet - not a local, I know, but the boy is one of my favorite foodie bloggers - is heading there soon to meet up with his boyfriend.

Why the sudden epidemic of Seattle visitation? I don't know, but it's a fun place to visit. They sell those Dungeness crabs freshly cooked (boiled or, yes, steamed) right at the markets for you to eat (not as good as our blues but, well, as far as Pacific crustaceans go, they're tasty). I haven't been to Seattle since '98. Looks like I should go back sometime. But I'm doing too much traveling in the near future so I'll hold off.