Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ocean City Photos

I finally got around to changing the batteries in my camera. So now I have updated my OC posts with photos (here, here and here). See below for those. Here are some more sights and - okay, just sights - I snapped:

Dolle's Stand - I didn't even write about it, but I had a tasty small box of caramel popcorn here when I got off the Park and Ride Bus. I couldn't finish but half of it!

Peggy Sue and her "friend" Jolene - in front of the Down Memory Lane store at the Inlet

My camera isn't usually good enough to get a longer exposure like this, but I was playing with the light exposure settings. See those headlights?

If you see a Guinness just sitting there like that, then you are dealing with a bartender who knows the right way to pour a Guinness draft.

This, however, is purely gratuitous.

Before and after the Boardwalk (around 27th St, the very end of the Boardwalk)

Do you think this man gets bored waiting for people to rent his umbrellas? Nah, he's just enjoying the scenery. So was I.

It has been a while since I last visited OC. They didn't have the Ripley's there 10 years ago (it was a laser tag place then). I loved this room. It's the off-balance room, where you walk through a round tube while it turns fast, and all the lights help to really disorient you. They dare you to go through once. I went through it, like, ten times. Would be even more fun to go through drunk!

I took this one while I was going through that room. The last one looks better, but I think this capture the spirit of the room better.

The sun rose only an hour or so before. This was yesterday morning, while I was resting between bouts on the bike.