Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sacramento, CA - 3,073 Miles

All of us who have driven into Ocean City via US-50 have seen that sign above the bridge into the Inlet that says "Sacramento, Ca 3073 mi."

A few years ago I was surprised - and at the same time, not so surprised - that Sacramento has the same thing posted outside its city limits: "Ocean City, MD 3,073 mi."

Look at this cool page for more info. You will find this:

And for the occasional visitor to this page from NoCal, here's its counterpart on our side of the continent:


danielle said...

I'm up for a road trip to Sacramento!

I never thought about a sign on their end. Neat.

Cham said...

Sacramento is all well and good but exactly when are we planning to get the good folks over at Cove Fort straightened out on this sign issue?

John said...

Danielle: I would love to see this sign myself, like in person. I don't know how exciting Sacto is, per se, but it sounds fun, and it's supposed to be a straight shot to Tahoe and then to Reno!

Cham: I think that's up to the Utahns to put up a Bawlmer sign on their end of I-70. But US-50 is more special anyway.

HandsUpThumbsDown said...

I did the whole trip once, from OC to San Fran on U.S. 50. I recommend it to anyone.