Thursday, March 29, 2007

Road Trip: SoCal

In a little over a week, I will be heading out to Southern California to visit some friends for a week. I am looking forward to this! Since I moved back here from the Inland Empire, I have visited maybe three times - this'll be #4 - and I seem to do it about every eight months.

My friend with whom I am staying - who is supposedly a techie - cannot figure out how to get his wireless to work. Fortunately for me, I can just hook my laptop up to his port directly. So I will indeed be keeping y'all abreast of some of the culinary delights of Los Angeles, Palm Springs, even (ho hum) Riverside and San Bernardino.

Okay, those last two aren't that bad.

I'll also be adding pictures to both this and my other, picture blog. Oh joy! If I am lucky I'll get some good photos of the orange blossoms!


danielle said...

The Inland Empire, never been there, never knew it was called that. Looking forward to the pictures.

raacluse said...

Inland empire, eh?

Haven't been there in years. have they licked that smog problem, yet?

Listen, I expect you to report on the fine dining to be had in San Berdoo.

I suspect with lotta blacks moving to the Inland emp., that there would be some good soul food places.

I've also read about rose (?)-flavored ice cream, in-and-out burgers, hawaiian plate lunches, mexican mole', and other treats in SoCal.

I wonder if there'd be any good Indian restaurants near a big Hindu temple that's going up in Chino Hills. (Probably too early to say.)

verity said...

hey, snacker...just thought of a site you may enjoy. ... check it out. lists great places across the country, down home road food joints. may come in handy on your trip!

Baltimore Snacker said...

D: Yep, not many people know it's there. And the new David Lynch movie probably will be too weird to give anyone else a good picture of what it's like.

R: So much ethnic diversity in the IE, that is one thing I miss about it. And no good Mexican food in Baltimore, just none. Haven't found much good Vietnamese either.

V: Thanks, I will check very soon...

Fairfax said...

Safe journey! But just because you're not leaving for another week doesn't mean you can slack off from reporting to us on what you eat!

Baltimore Snacker said...

Fairfax: Oh it's not that I've been slacking off. It's merely that I've had nothing terribly interesting to report about on the foodie front. Wait for this weekend, there should be, well, somethin'.

Dan said...

I had a great time eating my way through Burbank and Hollywood when I was out there in the fall. I'm envious. Enjoy!!

Baltimore Snacker said...

Dan: Thanks, I'm looking forward to it. Even though it's less touristy stuff and more checking out old haunts.