Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Flat That Led to Chick-Fil-A

I got a flat today! Thank God it was while I was filling up on gas. I left work, stopped to fill up and when I turned around to get in the car? "Oh, damn!"

I was in Lansdowne and had to get to Towson in an hour.

So instead I resigned myself to being late - a flat tire is a pretty good excuse, after all - and drove to the Just Tires in Glen Burnie (I've done business there before and it was the closest one that popped in my mind).

After I changed the tire, I headed down to Ritchie Highway, found out the price for the tire (plus service and disposal fees, $106!!!), and decided not to putz around there.

Where to go, where to go... I had at least half an hour that I was forced to waste.

Since they are closing it down, I figured I'd head to the CompUSA (the sales still aren't as good as the deals you'll find at the next computer fair, but they're slowly inching downward; they'll be closed soon). But I only got as far as Best Buy. After ogling the CD's (Elton John's Number Ones for $10!), video games (So F.E.A.R. is only $30 now? Ah, still cheaper at CompUSA - until they close) and bathroom sink (Hey, I still had all this muck on my hands from changing that damn tire), I headed back towards the tire place.

That's when I saw my lopsided car, still not yet changed, with its now seemingly flat spare. My God, my spare was going flat!

So I stopped in the Chick-Fil-A for some nuggets. I wasn't too hungry, so I only ordered a small order of nuggets with tangy, pineapple-y Polynesian sauce, and nothing else. These nuggets are all meat - and I mean all meat! Very juicy, and very oily and hot. So I squeezed each one in a napkin. Got rid of much of the oil, and much of the juiciness, but oh well. They were still tasty. And I could tell that these nuggets were not processed, chopped up "chicken food" like your average chicken nugget. And that Polynesian sauce, which you just know is loaded with calories, is just fine in moderation. Out of the three packets the woman at the counter generously gave me, I barely used half of one. This is slightly peppery, somewhat pineapple-y, and very tangy and tasty. Just eat it in moderation.

After that, I just headed for the Just Tires. Now my car is riding a whole lot better! Oh, and I finally made it to Towson - about 2 1/2 hours later. Oh well!


danielle said...

How did you get a flat at the gas station? I wish my car's tires cost only $106 (Thank you Mazda for changing the tires to really expensive ones between the '93 and '02 Protege.) The CompUSA there is closing?! Good to know. Not a huge fan of Chick-Fil-A, but I appreciate how you will blog any and all manner of restaurants.

Baltimore Snacker said...

That tire has been going low for months now, so I really wasn't surprised when it happened, just annoyed because it really cramped my schedule.

As for the grub: Yep, can't be too proud, push carts to four-star restaurants, it's all good.

Dan said...

You lucky duck... I long to have a flat in front of a CFA. I've long been a fan and we have one right up the road here in Lutherville. We'll go once or twice a month on a weekend when we're out and about. Love those damn sandwiches!

Speaking of chicken, if you're ever over in the Owings Mills area and looking for a delicious lunch or dinner, check out Que Rico. It's a Peruvian style chicken place. Great, spicy but not too spicy chicken, amazing dipping sauces, great sides. There's apparently two of them in the area, both in strip malls.

Baltimore Snacker said...

Sounds delicious, I'm glad to know there's a Peruvian-style place. Any ceviche there, or is it just chicken?

Dan said...

All they do is chicken, but it's chicken done right. It's pretty much a "take out" kind of place. Thanks to my new found love of Peruvian style chicken I have a bird currently marinating in a paste/marinade I got from a Latin American website.