Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miscellaneous: Funny Foodie Photos!

Lately I've been so wrapped up in work, singing and soccer (and other personal matters) that I've only had just enough time to do these State-by-State posts.  But with the wonder of my camera phone - which is actually much better than my Coolpix camera, can you believe it? - I've been collecting photos of some strange things I've been seeing around town over the past few months, plus one or two things that aren't strange but certainly are noteworthy.  It helps that I now have a working USB wire to connect it to the computer, so I can share this ridiculousness with you all.  We start way back in October.

Isn't this "Peeps for all seasons" thing starting to get just a tad bit silly?  (The Peeps Chocolate Cats, by the way, are foul. Taken at Harris Teeter in Columbia)

Suet is no longer out of reach, folks! Just stop by your local Wegman's.

Help! Santa's melting! (This should've been a submission for Cake Wrecks.)

Don't eat the blue snow.


Now this wasn't silly.  After Dad passed we as a family decided to have a nice Christmas to remember him. Some things we did were old traditions, others were brand new.  This Bûche de Noël was one of the new ones, from Sugarbakers Cakes in Catonsville.  It was a tad pricey at $40 but it was lovely both to see and to eat.

Another new thing I did was only kind of new: a duck, made by following Alton Brown's specific procedures in his Night Before Christmas episode of Good Eats.  Complete with oyster cornbread dressing, it gave me months of duck fat and duck broth, plus an extra pound or two I am still trying to work off.  I would've posted about this around Christmas but my laptop chose that very night to die on me, and I didn't get it back from Acer until mid-January.

Back to the silly...

The If You Give a Kid a Cookie, Will He Shut the Fuck Up? book: a new twist on wise-ass "children's" literature.  Plus that dog book is pretty disturbing in itself.

A cookbook in a basmati rice bag - just what I always wanted!

And finally: "Doctor, quick! Save us from the glistening vampires!" (with his new companion, Cornholio, saving his bunghole from the Daleks)