Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Because it's Fat Tuesday

It's Fat Tuesday, and many people are getting their Mardi Gras on. The last day to party before the Lenten fast begins, Catholic Christians - at least how I was taught growing up - traditionally fast from meat on Ash Wednesday and every Friday until Easter (I won't admit that I don't exactly do that anymore). But in Poland, apparently it's still much more fastidious: Catholics not only fast from meat but from grease, and do it all Lent long.

Channel 13's Ron Matz was at Polish Treasures in Upper Fells Point this morning finding out just how Polish Catholics indulge before Lent: with a pączki (pronounced like "POOCH-key - that's a short OO as in "look" not a long OO as in "food") - a Polish donut filled with all sorts of sweet things you want to use up before Lent. Though that video was not up when I wrote this (I'll try to post it if they do), I did find this informative video from About.com, starring chef John Mitzewich and in English no less, about how to make this Polish pastry:


theminx said...

My US-born mom always pronounced it "puhn-skee" but I think a true Polish pronunciation is more like "POWNCH-kee."