Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On the third day of Kwanzaa my true love gave to me

Kathy beat me to it, and found a higher quality version - AND we get to see Aunt Sandy EAT her abomination creation, too! Me, I opted for the rougher one that I've linked to, oh, maybe six or seven times in the past four years. This television event should not be hidden. It should be broadcast from the mountaintops. It is quintessential Sandra Lee. Well, that and this:

Once again, the infamous "Angel Food Harvest Cake". Bonus: try to catch a glimpse of the "Hanukkah" "Cake" sitting on the side.


Cathy said...

I know I have said this before but WHAT does this woman have against making icing?!?!?!? She spends so much time trying to make disgusting storebought frosting taste palatable when she could just, oh I don't know, MAKE IT HERSELF?!?!?!? There are several episodes where she isn't even baking the cake!!! On her next episode, how to buy everything already cooked...oh wait, that's called takeout >:(