Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's TBS' Fourth Blogiversary

Yes, this blog started four years ago today. The blog has had its ups and downs as of late. Life has happened, and I've been having less time to devote to it, as my readership can see.

I went out last night with friends. I wasn't doing it to celebrate the blog's birthday, but I guess it counts anyway. Eric, Alan, Jim, Ralph and I to Rub in South Baltimore. There we enjoyed various meat plates. Mine was the delicious combination of smoked turkey (seriously, turkey usually bores me but not this juicy and beautifully-flavored bird) and ribs (which are still beckoning to me in my fridge). The sweet potato fries are among the best of its kind in the area, and the Texas corn pudding is among the only of its kind in the area. For drinks, Ralph and I each got one of the Rub beers on tap. I can't place the name, but it was one of the darker beers (not the stout), and it was not good. But the waiter generously replaced them with a Blue Moon and a Rub IPA respectively. Everybody else got wine. We all also shared some fried okra that was tasty and tender yet still a wee bit slimy, as okra tends to be.

We had hoped to take ourselves to the Rowan Tree afterwards, but with no parking anywhere near the bar, that wasn't an option. Looks like they're not hurting for our business.