Thursday, June 10, 2010

When Geeky Met Cakey

The following meme is making the rounds of the internets right now. It's not making the rounds in this math-y form but I wanted to find some way to make it even geekier:

Wil Wheaton (actor, famous for Star Trek: The Next Generation and various recent guest performances on various TV shows; also professed geek)


w00tstock (the music & geekfest recently held in Chicago, masterminded by Wheaton, Mythbuster Adam Savage & musicians/comedians/geeks Paul and Storm)


cake made to look like a TARDIS (the spaceship stuck in the form of a British police box, used by the Doctor on Doctor Who, and that is bigger on the inside than the outside)



Wheaton's pics are circulating around the web but I love this one taken by the makers of the TARDIS cake, Celebration Generation. It gets all sides and yes, credits the original source of the photo. The light on top blinks, by the way (linked from Celebration Generation's blog; all apologies to them):

The story of Wil Wheaton's TARDIS cake from Celebration Generation - think Charm City Cakes meets the Midwest - here. Also note Wheaton's reactions to the cake. I myself would've just melted.