Saturday, October 10, 2009

Notes from Baltimore Beer Week Days 2 & 3

Just a quick note about my run-ins with beer this weekend. Yesterday I headed back to my favorite wine store (And no the Wine Source is definitely NOT in any way paying me for that. Am I going too overboard with this new FTC ruling?). I urge you to explore your own local wine stores to see if they have some beer tastings in store. Anyhoo, yesterday I got to try some of Frederick's famous Flying Dog - again, since I went to their recent tasting - and Stone Brewing Company out of Escondido, CA (just north of San Diego). I've seen their Ruination Ale before, but never before had the chance to try their fascinating Smoked Ale, which would indeed go well with something grilled (as it was pointed out to me). I bought a 22 oz bottle for $5. Flying Dog had their usual tasty selections, including their seasonal Dogtoberfest beer and their 8.5% ABV Kerberos.

Today yet another tasting presented itself - Sierra Nevada and the Mid-Atlantic fave Dogfish Head were at the Wine Source. But since I've tried and liked both beers, I figured I didn't need to go to this one, and instead went to a matinee of Zombieland. Oh my God, that movie kicked ASS!