Thursday, October 08, 2009

Notes from Baltimore Beer Week Day 1

Don't let the post title fool you. I don't intend to spend every day of Baltimore Beer Week drinking. I have neither the time nor the tolerance for that sort of thing. But I do have to share some beer notes from the first day of Baltimore Beer Week, and some suggestions for the last day of it.

  • As I am sure several wine/beer/liquor stores are doing for Baltimore Beer Week, the Wine Source is having tastings throughout the next week and a half. Tonight I got totry several good varieties from Fordham and Dominion Breweries. Originally from Annapolis and Ashburn, VA, respectively, both are now based in Dover, DE, and have a few good lines out in the Mid-Atlantic region. I liked everything I had tonight, but notable ones I tried tonight included Fordham's Centennial Ale, which several people had good things to say about, and Dominion's Pale Ale and Millenium. They had a not-for-sale oak-aged version of the Millenium line that was warm and slightly Scotch-y (that oak thing again).
  • If you are interested in trying more of Dominion's line, Max's Taphouse on Broadway in Fells Point will be featuring many of Dominion's beers on tap at the tail end of Baltimore Beer Week, Sunday, October 18. I rarely make it to Fells (the parking is enough to keep me away, I admit), but I may have to make a trip down for this.
  • I ran into a friend afterwards at the Hippo, and had some more of Dogfish Head's lovely Pumkin Ale. Y'all should try it. The Hippo has two lines of Dogfish Head on tap right now, both the Pumkin Ale and the Raison D'Etre lines.


pizzablogger said...

Haven't had the Dogfish Head Pumkin Ale yet.....thanks for the reminder to try it out!

John said...

Welcome, most wine/beer stores should have it. I'm sure several places have it on tap in the area. However, the Hippo is the only one I know of.