Friday, October 16, 2009

Because it's Diwali (or Dipavali)

My experience with making Indian food started with the microwave (again, praise to Julie Sahni). Why don't I use it to make more Indian food? Because I make so much of everything these days. And I'll never work my way through the whole cookbook.

I have not bothered to make Indian sweets. YET. Enter Aai's Kitchen: From 2007, how to make the very sweet rava ladoo in the microwave. Since the Hindu Festival of Lights has lots of sweets, why not make some?


roopa said...

Thanks for recognizing!

It's customary to make sweets for Deepavali (that's the South Indian - and correct - way of spelling/pronouncing it) so this looks like an interesting shortcut.

John said...

Of course, I'm lazy enough to just go out & buy Indian sweets!