Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baltimore Beer Week Continues...

Just a note from tonight's foray into beer deliciousness. As y'all have figured out, I've been officially celebrating Baltimore Beer Week at the Wine Source in Hampden, with the occasional Dogfish Head Pumkin Ale at the Hippo. Right now I'm continuing my zombiethon with dinner and a glass of Stone Brewery Smoked Porter, purchased last week, as I watch George Romero's Day of the Dead, the third movie in his zombie quadrilogy.

The beer tasting of the evening was of a fine selection from the Ommegang Brewing Company out of Cooperstown, NY, which the presenter was quick to remind us was also the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. This was a different kind of tasting than I've experienced at the Wine Source or at any beer or wine tasting I have been to. Instead of pouring on demand as tasters arrived, the presenter started a group of tasters altogether and poured the same selections for all of us as he explained the stories behind the beers, the bottling process and the brewery. It was more interesting and engaging than most beer or wine tastings usually turn out to be.

We tried a series of five beers, ranging from ales to darker beers with higher alcohol contents. Pretty much every one was brewed with orange peels and coriander. Of the five beers - Witte, Hennepin, Rare Vos, Abbey Ale and Three Philosophers - the guy from Ommegang said that most people get excited about the Rare Vos. Though good, I liked the Hennepin ale much better. It's brewed with coriander, orange peels and ginger. And I'm a fan of the darker beers! I'll be buying one of these in a future trip to the Wine Source or another local wine store. Their Three Philosophers and Abbey Ale were also very interesting and worth a try. The Witte was alright, definitely drinkable.

Most of Ommegang's year round line are sold in the Baltimore area. The Wine Source carries their beers in 22 oz bottles for $9 or 4 packs for $11.

And no, nobody paid me or gave me anything to say that. Will I have to add that as a tag line from now on, do you think?


Brad said...

Good stuff.

And c'mon, if you said - "I had a Coke at the ballgame"... would people really think Coca-Cola paid you to say that?

John said...

No they wouldn't, I was just being goofy :D