Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top Chef has jumped the shark, dammit.

I'm not live-blogging Top Chef: Las Vegas right now. I'm watching it and I'm just thinking "Eh." I'm scratching my head and thinking "WTF about that craps table?" How is that related to cooking? Okay, I get that they had to use the number they rolled to determine the number of ingredients they had to use. I love this quickfire challenge idea of making small plates with a specific number of ingredients. Now that I understand what they were doing, I'm begrudgingly okay with it. But it speaks to the overall gimmickiness of TC:LV. The show is kind of, well, boring this season.

Anything interesting about this ep and I'll Tweet about it or just update this post.

UDPATE: Thoughts while watching this episode:

1. I agree w/ Ash & Preeti: It is a nice little slap in the face to have to cook for a bachelor party when you are not allowed to marry in most of this country anyway.

2. The Voltaggio brothers are just gettin' sexier by the minute.

3. Doesn't Hector remind you of your friendly neighborhood Klingon?


Klingon Ambassador

4. I hope no Marylander winds up in the bottom this time.

5. I really should try Basque food some time.

6. Jen looks kind of high. Not saying it to be mean. It's just an observation.

7. I should make a drinking game for Top Chef even if I don't live blog it.

8. Mattin should be required to cook without a shirt on.

9. Mike I. is extremely odd. Has anyone made up a stupid name for him yet?

10. Darn, a Marylander wound up in the bottom. But at least two of them wound up in the top.


theminx said...

Preeti didn't seem all that bothered by the party theme, actually.

And Mike I's nickname? Douchebag.

John said...

Amen on Mike I. Have we found our new Spike?

Dan said...

Chris and I are afraid that coupled with last season, the performances of the MD chefs so far are starting to reflect poorly on us. Really? Crying at Judges Table?

John said...

Agreed. If she winds up in the bottom next week I think she's toast.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That Hector/Klingon thing is pretty dead on!

Being a fellow Baltimore-foodlover, I really enjoy reading your posts and checking out your links.

I actually just started my own blog. I'm very new to all of this, but I'd love some feedback.