Monday, July 06, 2009

Seeking Cheese-Making Supplies

Y'all, I need your help. Over the next month, I will be doing some kitchen experiments. One of them involves making mozzarella. I need three things: citric acid, liquid rennet and non-homogenized milk. I found the first one at the Natural Market in Timonium (next to that new Giant from the previous post). They had liquid rennet but they were out. Alas, they did not have non-homogenized milk. Apparently, it is simply not sold unless it's skim milk, and even then it might be homogenized. Really: some organic fat-free ilk specifically said "homogenized" on it.

So I know where I can find liquid rennet. It's vegetarian only (which should be alright). But still I have no idea where I can find non-homogenized milk (can't be goat milk - apparently that won't work).

Any ideas on where I can find that milk?


Nanc Twop said...

ooo, that's a tough one. Just start calling all the local health food stores that sell milk in bottles. (non-homogenized is rarely sold in cartons)

Good luck!

p.s. or ask for 'cream-top' milk

Anonymous said...

I know in PA, you usually have to visit a dairy to get unpasteurized milk. Many stores can't/won't sell it. I remember going to a local farm to get milk "fresh from the cow" when I was a kid.

BaltimoreMan said...

Some farmers markets may have it, but the debate has been going on in MD for a while (it is also called Raw Milk). Call dairy farms directly, if they are a family run place, they may be able to help you out.

Good Luck.

John said...

Thanks all for the help. Apparently the Health Concern in Towson DOES sell non-homogenzied cow milk, but they had none today. They also have liquid veggie rennet, but I wasn't expecting the $8 price tage. They were extremely helpful there. I just hope this milk won't bankrupt me. They did have non-homogenized goat milk but a quart was $6.5o. I need a gallon and from what I understand goat milk wouldn't work anyway. Still, I'm not prepared to spend almost $30 on a gallon of milk!

Anonymous said...

You can use Homogonized milk - it works, (just made a batch this weekend) just do not use "ULTRA PASTURIZED". You can get fresh farm milk from South Mountain Creamery - they are at the farmers market on Sunday's in baltimore city (under the Jones Falls) - or, if you are in their delivery area, they deliver.
There are no local sources for cheese making supplies. Rennent in the stores is not stored properly and can spoil a batch, I bought some from David's in columbia and it was old. Best source for fresh rennent is on-line at They sell a kit, the ingredients, tools - everything you could possibly need.