Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's A-Comin'...

Yep, Food Network is inflicting upon bringing us yet another Next Food Network Star. And yes, I will be live blogging it! Oh, what nuttiness shall ensue this summer? Who knows? Since Season 4 runner-up Adam Gertler is armchair judging, it should be even, ahem, odder than ever. And there's even a local boy - well sort of. In the sense of "local" being the Baltimore-Washington corridor (generally, York, PA to Northern Virginia), he's local. Teddy Folkman hails from Alexandria, and is executive chef of Washington's Granville Moore's Gastropub. So he's semi-local.

But wait! What about the obnoxiousness that will be Top Chef: Masters? Well, since I've downgraded my satellite package, I lost Bravo. So no Top Chef, unfortunately. But I will be following the recaps over at All Top Chef, Kathy's (Minx Eats') relatively new Top Chef blog featuring several contributors, including Kit from Mango & Ginger. The most I can do is follow theirs, and occasionally catch it with charitable family and friends who still have Bravo.

The wholesome, organic nutty goofy goodne, er, weirdness begins tomorrow night (Sunday), June 7 at 9PM.


Nanc Twop said...

No live-blogging the masters?

My heart (and palate) is breaking... how will I know when to imbibe?!

John said...

Nanc: My suggestion is to make your own for TC:M. As for NFNS5, i will be creating my own drinking game for that, of course. If you have Food Network, I'll be doing it tomorrow!