Monday, May 25, 2009

Because it's Memorial Day

Did Guy Fieri actually call Baltimore "historic"? Um, exactly what does that mean? Sure, we have lots of history here, but, um... This is why I usually ignore Guy Fieri. Except when he's hangin' with the Duffman, in this spot about that tasty concoction that's not quite BBQ but not quite not, that most Baltimoronic of red meats - pit beef. (And no, it's not an "East Cost" thing. It's a "Baltimore" thing.)

Yes, we grill pit beef (so if it is in the BBQ family, it's the black sheep. And a distant cousin). But wait! Most of us buy our pit beef. I've never made my own. So why put it here on Memorial Day, when most of us are grillin' hamburgers and such? Because so many people are talking about grilling burgers today, I just wanted to do something different. That and I'm burger'd out.

I admit: I've never been to Chaps Pit Beef. I can't believe I passed it by on my Beltway Snacking tour (but hey, you're bound to miss a few things, even some biggies). As far as pit beef goes, I usually stray not far from what's familiar, so i usually find myself at the pit beef stands in the southwest when I do get it. I like the one in Lansdowne, but there are probably scores of good ones all over the area. Still, this is a trip I should make soon.


Dan said...

Yeah, I'm not much of a Fieri fan either. Everything's "money" or "bananas" and he just rambles like some annoying guy at a party that you can't wait to get away from. He actually makes me sorta like Bobby Flay (who made me laugh today with a self-deprecating remark).

As for pit beef, Chap's is the only one that I've been to in my eight years here. It's pretty good but it's not life-altering. Then again, I'm from the Philly area and have an obsession with cheesesteaks so I'm probably the wrong person to ask.

John said...

Flay actually irritates me a bit more than Fieri, if only because I don't think Guy can help being an idiot. I'll still try Chaps, but on your suggestion I won't go screaming towards it.