Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brew at the Zoo!

I should have posted this earlier, but it's definitely not too late yet!

Brad at the Beer in Baltimore blog has been "Tweeting" about the Brew at the Zoo event yesterday and today. It runs until 6pm today. It costs $45 if you're not a member of the zoo, but if you are then it's $30. I'm still scratching my heah why children under 2 get into a beer-centered event at all, much less for free, but I digress. Regardless, anybody 21 and older gets lots of good beer. Somehow, I really really doubt that Bud Light factors into that (ick).


Brad - said...

Ha! There were a good deal of kids there yesterday, but mostly accompanied by 2 adults, one drinking and one being responsible.

I actually saw quite a few of these families at the zoo earlier in the day looking at the animals and enjoying the 2nd half of the day listening to the band and sampling free drinks (again, only one of the 2 adults doing the drinking)

John said...

Yeah, I figured it would be like that. But it was still funny to see that there was a price for kids. And it was a great reason to see the zoo, too!