Saturday, January 10, 2009

A few things I've noticed this week

Just a few thoughts about stuff I've noticed lately, but have simply had no time to post about:

1. On a friend's recommendation, I dragged Eric & Alan to Marie Louise Bistro, in the location that was formerly Gampy's.

The place looks nice and the service is friendly. But how we felt about it was mixed. Alan and I loved our French onion soups, and Alan seemed to be satisfied with his bouillabaisse, even though the kitchen had run out of one ingredient and had to substitute extra mussels for it. I enjoyed my rockfish in lavender sauce on a bed of caramelized Israeli couscous, but for a special dish of the night, I guess I expected more. It was satisfying but it didn't "wow" me.

Eric, on the other hand, was wow'd, but in a bad way. While I don't remember his reaction to his salad, he was pretty annoyed about his steak - something he doesn't eat often. He asked for it to be nice and medium rare. It comes out very well done. Granted, the waiter offered to bring it back, but Eric didn't take him up on it. It didn't taste bad, but he was still irritated that something as simple as the rareness of the food was messed up. Long story short: for a restaurant that's been open for a few months now, it should be working these sorts of kinks out faster. Especially in an economy such as this where you don't want to give potential patrons a reason not to come back.

2. The Amish have imposed a limit of two per household?

Um, Amish women actually wouldn't be doing stuff like this.
Come to think of it, neither would Amish men.

I kind of doubt the Amish really give a shit what we English heat our homes with out here in the freezing cold Devil's Playground. That idiotic ad, pictured above, caused three words to pop up in my head: "Amish slave labor." It's a scam, people. Please don't buy this.

And if anyone has one for me to try, the answer is no.

3. Man, I never realized how much I like Brussel sprouts. But I do! It's all in how you cook 'em.

4. Guess what's coming up soon? I don't think I can afford it this year, money or time wise. But if I can, it'll probably just be once.

5. Try to avoid peanut butter for a while - at least the kind you don't buy in the supermarket.