Sunday, December 21, 2008

Splendid Table Gifts: Give Food!!!

Y'all may know I am planning to go cheap for Christmas and give some variation of food gift (sorry to give it away, but the family and friends know this). But as I listen to Splendid Table on NPR right now, I heard another good food gift idea from host Lynne Rosetto Kasper (I don't know why I thought she looked like Ina Garten).

Rosetto Kasper


Actually, they look a little alike - emphasis on the "little" part. Maybe not like sisters, but I'd believe it if they told me they were cousins.

Anywho, Kasper suggested buying foods for foodies that they may not have eaten before. Troll the ethnic markets and the gourmet shops. Buy what looks interesting and is cheap. Or make gourmet chocolate bars (Sally Schneider tells us how to make our own chocolate bars with cayenne pepper, bacon bits or curry powder).

Cookies and fudge are also a good gift, especially if you put them in cheap and attractive containers.


Nanc Twop said...

Oh yea, cookies and candy can't miss.

And cake. I'd accept cake.