Saturday, December 20, 2008

And they WANT us to watch this show, right?

I'm not sure how I missed 10 Items or Less, a sitcom on TBS based in a supermarket managed by a shlub who inherits it after his father dies. I haven't seen much of this TV show. I first came aware of it around the time I first noticed The Office and I just assumed (incorrectly I guess) that it was a supermarket-based knock-off of that latter show. The actor who plays the shlub is John Lehr, and he's a bit, shall we say, nonplussed over the DVD release of Season 2. Remember the infamous "David Hasselhoff drunk on the floor half naked and stuffing a hamburger in his mouth while his daughter videotaped it" video? It's a somewhat more attractive man, but the scene is just as disturbing. The show looks funny though.