Sunday, November 23, 2008

Doctor Who hits the big 4-5

Sorry y'all, it's time to get geekalicious.

45 years and one day ago, JFK was assassinated. 45 years ago to the day, a short little children's television serial with a low production budget debuted on the BBC. 45 years and 10 lead actors later, it's spawned a multi-million pound phenomenon that now reaches across the English-speaking world.

As for me, I've been watching Doctor Who since I was a junior in high school, when it aired on MPT. My best friend got me hooked on it. Not sure where the hell Luke is anymore (last I heard, he followed his girlfriend to Phoenix).

Out of all the "tribute" videos on YouTube, this one was the least sappy, the best well-made, and features a catchy song. It is a little heavy on the new series that started in 2005, though I can see why (it compares clips of the new and old shows). The editor made it in 2007 so the most recent season - starring David Tennant and comedienne Catherine Tate and airing Saturday nights on BBC America - isn't in here. I just like this one.

Now I have to see if they sell Jellybabies in the British section at Wegman's.


Pigtown-Design said...

i don't think they sell jellybabies at wegmans. i would have snarfed up their supply if they did.

fave doc? christopher eccleston.

when i was in cardiff last month, i was at our old house across from the hospital they used in "are you my mummy?"

John said...

Yeah, I saw on Sunday after I posted this. Man, Wegman's is a zoo for Thanksgiving week.

Mine will always be Peter Davison.

Oooh, that's cool about the hospital! Here's how sad I am - I just spent half an hour watching some (even better put together) video by this guy who took pieces from every episode ever filmed, including the upcoming Christmas one, and set it to some funky fusion of the Doctor Who theme and "Sweet Dreams are Made of This". It was about 8 minutes but it was very nifty.

Pigtown-Design said...

i forgot to mention... the old hospital which had been abandoned for about 30+ years, is now retirement condos with the most gawd-awful conversion. truly hideous.

John said...

Ick. Now why did they do that?