Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ms. Desserts Bakery Express

My mother kept on asking me yesterday if I had driven by the brand new Ms. Desserts Bakery Express (heretofore called "Ms. Desserts"), which was prominently featured on the cover of the recent Arbutus Times. I confessed ignorance. So before I headed back up to my place, I made a point to ask again where it was, just so I could check it out. I drove up Hollins Ferry, and wouldn't ya' know - right after the the tracks but before the Maryland Food Bank lies the Mid-Atlantic office for Ms. Desserts (there is also, or at least was, an outlet in Lutherville). To my pleasant surprise, it was open until 5 on Saturday.

I have little experience with Ms. Desserts. But if this bakery outlet is any indication, then this has some lovely and sinful food. The rather plain though spacious bakery outlet has a whole wall of refrigerated cases of cakes, pies and other such things. On the other side (the entrance side), it includes a whole windowed-off display case of model wedding cakes, cupcakes and other fancy cakes. In between the two are cases of bagels, cookies and loaves of bread, and small display cases with pies, cakes and assorted pastries.

While the whole cakes and pies are probably not cheap, it is easy to buy a few things for no more than $5. I got the mini-red velvet bundt cake for $1.50, and the raspberry square for $3. I haven't eaten the bundt yet, but this raspberry square is a sizeable piece of yellow cake with a thin layer of raspberry jelly on top, then topped with white icing. Then the whole thing is robed in a sugar glaze.

The culprit

I was able to eat just half and stick the rest in the fridge for later, but it was a struggle. Since they're open the day before Thanksgiving, I may have to go around for another one.