Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving shopping at the 33rd Street Farmers' Market

My family decided this year not to buy or make too much for Thanksgiving (unlike last year when we went way overboard). I hope we can stick to that. Cathy is holding it at her house this time but I am making the turkey. She wants a whole slew of vegetables (which, again, can go overboard). So I went to the Waverly Farmers' Market today after work to look for stuff to get.

Among other things, I got this humongous butternut squash for only $5. And it wasn't even the largest one - there was one the size of a medium-large pumpkin for $8. A bundle of rosemary for $2 and three heads of garlic for $1, plus a dollar of jalapeños almost rounded it out.

And then I saw these...

They're so cute! Little green grape tomatoes! You don't even need to slice 'em up. Just roll 'em around and fry 'em whole.


Nanc Twop said...

Bravo on taking on the T-day centerpiece. Now we need to know how you're cooking that turkey:


Deep Fry? (got a garage to set on fire?)


Plank roast?

Inquiring minds and all that ;-)