Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We have liftoff!

Woohoo!!! My internet is back up and running again. So I don't have to run to Towson University or my parents' house, or tap into my neighbor's unsecured wireless signal, to post anymore!

It took Verizon two weeks to tell me - several times - that my connection was working fine, even as the computer kept on saying otherwise - these were technicians in both India and the US, mind you, so it's definitely Verizon that is the problem. It also took me two weeks to cancel my never-used service with Verizon (God help them if they bill me).

It took Cavalier several minutes to figure out that it wasn't working, and then they got it working. I've had issues with Cavalier in the past, but they pale in comparison to Verizon.

Long story short: if you ever need standalone DSL, first try ANYTHING you can find before going to any service that rhymes with "horizon" and starts with a "v".


diningdish said...

Love the themed heading...go Poe