Sunday, September 14, 2008

Your Nightmare Diet!

This from last night's season premiere of Saturday Night Live. As most Balwamorons who don't live in a cave know, Michael Phelps guest hosted last night. It was funny to see his mom Debbie in the audience, in on the action (Amy Poehler played her, and the two of them interacted on screen). Perhaps the first Baltimore County middle school principal to ever appear on SNL. How was Michael's performance? Well... he may be a swimming superpower, but the guy shouldn't hold his breath for an Emmy any time soon. That said, this was pretty damn funny.

Oh, and the funniest skit I've seen on SNL in years was this much anticipated intro skit. It has nothing to do with food at all. It's just too damn funny. Especially since Tina Fey consented to coming back for one very special guest spot.

I guess I'm the last person to mention, though not notice, that they do bear a striking resemblance, don't they?


Nanc Twop said...

Thanks for posting the links!

Was just lamenting the fact that I'd missed the show, after talking to someone who loved those two bits... and here they were!

Now off to drink my gallon of hollandaise sauce; gotta love that M.Phelps diet... ;-)

Anonymous said...

love it!!

Pigtown-Design said...

i fell asleep before the diet sketch came on. it's all anyone was talking about at the market this morning... and of course, the palin sketch!

John said...

I actually fell asleep before the Michael Phelps Diet skit aired, too. But I found it this morning while searching for the Fey/Poehler clip - which I've watched several times since. From what I gather, that skit is the only funny thing Phelps was in last night :( But SNL doesn't have a great track record with Olympians anyway. Remember Nancy Kerrigan? UGH!