Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chinese Delight of Hampden

On the recommendation of my friend Eric*, I went to the Chinese Delight of Hampden for dinner tonight. I had a far more reserved dining experience than the folks at the City Paper did eight years ago. They apparently ordered a little bit of everything and loved every bit of it. Especially impressive for them was the Peking duck.

I just stuck to my typical favorite of orange chicken ($7.50, or $8.50 with an ATM card since it was under $10). It came with pork fried rice and a chicken egg roll. The egg roll was very tasty - not a thing I would regret about it. It wasn't even all that greasy. The orange chicken was slightly crispy, hardly gristly at all and didn't feel too fatty in the mouth, and had actual orange peels in the sauce. You don't get that at Panda Express, or for that matter at most greasy-wok Chinese take-outs. Plus, it had a little more broccoli than I'm used to, which is great since orange chicken is otherwise pretty much all meat, fat and sugar.

Next time I'll go back for some of the stuff I missed on the menu. There was a whole selection of Hong Kong style dishes that I didn't even see. The satay and noodles are worth another look.

* Yes, Eric, your Labor Day cookout was nice and your food was very good - just thought I'd mention it - thanks ;)

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Anonymous said...

do you have an email adress I could get? I would like to send you some info on possibly becoming a featured publisher with foodbuzz

John said...

Sure, it's in the "About Me" section. I just take great pains to not make it look like an email address - char mci t y - at - yah ood otc om - to cut down on the spam bots out there. That would be interesting!