Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wisconsin Fish BOIL?

I just saw this on the Kittalog blog, posted by occasional commenter Kitt in Denver. She must be visiting Wisconsin right now because she posts about an inn in Door County that features a fish boil four nights a week.

You read that right: fish boil.

As I commented on Kitt's post, having been born and raised in the Chesapeake I find the concept of boiling just about any seafood to be strange, foreign and a tad bit disturbing. And think about seafood in Maryland - and perhaps, Virginia:

  • Our oysters are fried or eaten raw, or stuffed into dressings;
  • Our crabs are steamed - always - or fried if soft (occasionally if hard);
  • Our shrimp and clams are steamed or fried;
  • Our fish is fried, steamed or (thanks to the explosion of Japanese restaurants) eaten raw.
The only time I remember eating anything boiling from the sea was crawdads, and that's just the traditional way to prepare them. But they aren't a local food, so that's understood. But never have I ever read anything about boiling fish. I'm trying not to be ethnocentric here, but I just can't wrap my brain around the concept of boiling fish. Just a thing with me I guess.

Photo taken by Kitt at Kittalog. Thanks for the info on how to link to actual Blogger photos.


Pigtown-Design said...

the very idea of boiled fish just gags me.

Broadsheet said...

Man, y'all don't know what you're missing!! This is a classic WI cuisine. This Inn is famous for it. It's an old Scandanavian tradition.

The YouTube video of the whole event can be seen here:

John said...

I'm glad people like it up there, but I may just have to take your word for it :)