Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why the hell is Sandra Lee on the Food Network again?

The Insane One is making apple-brie quesadillas with the Will to her Grace. She's also making cola-glazed ribs, which in and of itself does not sound nasty at all. The quesadillas don't really sound that bad, but they don't look that good - just like apple slices and strips of brie slapped between two flour tortillas and then thrown on the grill. Even off the grill, it doesn't look very appetizing. Maybe it is, but it just doesn't look very good to me.

, and they just licked their fingers! I saw someone do that at Panera Bread once. Ewww.

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Anonymous said...

I f-g hate her. With a passion.

John said...

She is fun though if you've indulged in "Cocktail Time" yourself. Ooooh, maybe I should try being drunk the next time I watch Sandy

Anonymous said...

Being drunk would be the only way to find her food reasonable and tasty.

John said...

Too true, Leslie!

Rachel said...

I've seen someone at panera lick their fingers once too. and as for drunk Aunt Sandy....I CANNOT STAND HER!!!! All of her food looks awful.

Anonymous said...

She is a drunken bint. Remember when she opened the spice packet and said, "Can you see the flavor?"

No, no I can't, Sandy.