Saturday, August 23, 2008

Label of the Week: Maryland Products with Pride

I don't know when or if I'll make it up to the State Fair. The very least I can do is put on display posts about stuff from Maryland. So that's my featured Label of the Week. Also this weekend: the Baltimore Powwow in Patterson Park, sponsored by the Baltimore American Indian Center open to all, featuring dance competitions and food vendors selling Native American food and not. The one I went to a few years ago had people coming from as far as Alabama, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

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Cham said...

Tomorrow I am going up to the State Fair. Due to some of my volunteer activities in the past I am allowed free entry and to take in as many as 10 people. I am heading up on the Light Rail to meet some friends and that entrance. If you want to get in for free, tell me. I will have the time and meeting place set by tonight.

John said...

Thanks! Sadly I won't be able to get up to the Fair this weekend. If I'm lucky I'll make it to the Powwow. I may have to wait for next weekend for the fair :(