Friday, August 29, 2008

Ten places to eat before you die, a hundred, and so on...

Did you hear about Dave Freeman, the guy who wrote 100 Things to Do Before You Die? He died. Ironically, in an accident in his home in Venice, California, at the tender, surprisingly young age of 47. Which sucks for him.

Speaking of things to do before you die, look at this that I found recently on Yahoo!, courtesy of Andrew Harper. It lists only ten places - namely, ten places to eat at in the US before you die. Unsurprisingly, Maryland crabs are on the list, and they list Cantler's in Annapolis as their favorite place to do it. Some of this stuff is not cheap (again, Cantler's). others, like the perfect hot dog - theirs is near the corner of 53rd and 5th in Manhattan, New York - aren't that expensive.

Yahoo doesn't keep these up long so I'm just going to print it out for safe keeping.

Just on a related tangent: when Googling "100 Things to Do Before You Die", I came upon lots of 100's and 1000's lists. One of them was an extensive food list from Leigh at the "Tales from Bloggeritaville" blog out of Helena, Alabama. She lists, with help from the Alabama Tourism Website, 100 Alabama dishes that you must eat before you die. I've never been to Alabama (though I'm kinda-sorta dating someone from there). This is definitely a motivator to go. Even more so, this is a motivator to do something like that here - an exploration of 100 Maryland dishes that you must eat before you die. I just do not have the time right now (I'm blissfully looking forward to just making it around the Beltway for Chrissakes). But maybe that is a long-term future project, not so much for me but for, say, all of us in the Maryland blogosphere.

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Anonymous said...

Cantler's is so freakin' good.

John said...

I have to take your word for it - I still have not been! I really need to get down there and try it out.