Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not as monumental as dancing around the world for chewing gum, but...

My friend Kurt, who is originally from Richmond but now lives in Redlands, California, emailed me this hilarious video last night. It is a whirlwind tour of the major BBQ styles of the South.

Yes, they make fun of most of them because they're from North Carolina. So they obviously say theirs is best. But since when did Kentucky suddenly morph into the shape of Virginia? And what about that California-shaped Florida?

It's just one of 21 videos put out by these two guys Rhett and Link, going on Alka-Seltzer's Great American Road Trip. They travel around the country, exploring the local food of America, both famous - New York street food, chicken and waffles in LA, and, again, Southern BBQ - to the little-known - I had no idea there was a chili competition in San Bernardino, and what's with this wheat grass juice up in Davis? Notice that they conspicuously skipped Baltimore on the way from DC to Philly. What's up with that, hmmm??? It's not like we have anything notable to eat here (crabs, crabcakes, crabs, crabs).

Another funny one I saw (I'm not going to post all of them) is their Maine song. It's just strange.

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Kitt said...

Awesome! That's a hoot.