Monday, August 18, 2008

Talkr Text-to-Speech

I admit: I don't bother to read my own feeds. I mean, why would I? But for some reason I subscribe to it anyway. Recently, I clicked on the FeedBlitz message I got for my feed, and I noticed this little volume icon. It reads your blog feeds out to you, in the form of text-to-speech. I probably should be irritated, but I think it's really cool. And unintentionally funny. Listen to this recent post I made about the Baltimore Cupcake Company (click here to listen).

You can also download that MP3. Go ahead. Put it on your MP3 player if you feel like it. I won't sue you like the RIAA will.

Yes, you can also listen to this post as an MP3!


Marissa said...

not to spam your comments but i couldn't find any contact info SO i just wanted to pass the word along that we at b are looking for reader recipes. being the baltimore snacker, you probably have some favorite recipes.
we're hoping to be printing these on our social page. If you have questions, let me know!