Monday, August 18, 2008

Varla's Visit with Nelly Frittata

Every gay man's favorite, self-professed "Southern Ann-Margret...on steroids" is on the TV this week! Yes, Varla Jean Merman - né Jeffrey Roberson, who once in a long while performs at the Hippo when in town - is one of several guest models on this week's ep of Project Runway. It's a drag queen challenge! How surprising is it that they haven't had such a challenge yet?

In anticipation, here's Varla's latest attempt to pull a Jolene Sugarbaker, as she has a fascinating conversation with a frittata. NB: some risqué drag queen humor in this segment. Don't watch if you're easily offended. Not safe for work. Remember: y'all have been warned!


David Dust said...

You gotta find the YouTube clip of Varla and Flotilla DeBarge doing Cher's "Dark Lady" - in New Orleans. Priceless.

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Hope all is well!