Friday, July 04, 2008

Mount Vernon Stable

The Mount Vernon Stable on Charles Street is selling not one, not two, but three kinds of Smith Island cakes. After a quick pint at the Hippo I wanted some dessert, so I headed over to the Stable. Actually I headed to the Brewer's Art first, but the crowd waiting to get in was so thick I went for the Stable instead. Much less crowded, and I was seated immediately. I got my menu fast, too.

And then came the wait.

So about five minutes later the waitress brings me the tray of display desserts. Six are there, various kinds of cakes and cheesecakes. Among them I saw two different Smith Island cakes: the typical yellow cake with chocolate icing, and a red velvet variation I had never imagined in Smith Island form. I was told about a third, banana variety, but the red velvet caught my eye long before that.

Another five or ten minutes after - I didn't know it took that long to cut a piece of cake - I got the very rich cake.

Not the best light, alright?

Red velvet cake in Smith Island form is dense and rich. It sort of overwhelmed my palate, but I had been forewarned so it's my own fault. I don't know how I managed to finish the cake though I did leave a blob of cream cheese frosting behind. Next time I will have to get the traditional version. I just won't plan anything for afterwards.

Another ten to fifteen minutes after the waitress asks me if I want my check, she brings me my check. About $5.60 after tax. I put in the cash and waited for change - another ten minutes - and left a dollar tip.

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Anonymous said...

ooh! a red velvet s.i. cake! never heard of that variety!