Sunday, July 06, 2008

I LOVE laughing about food!

Now that Justice Talking is off the air, WYPR had to find something to replace it with. Now they join WAMU by finally airing Lynne Kasper's Splendid Table. I first listened to it on the way back from a trip to Ocean City last year, and I occasionally catch it on WAMU. Like many of us food bloggers, writers and aficionados, Kasper seems to enjoy food. So much, in fact, that she often laughs on her show. A lot. Apparently about the food stories of her callers. Since this show is followed up by the nuttiness of Car Talk, which used to have the Sunday-at-noon time slot, it's just two non-stop hours of laughing about food and cars.


Pigtown-Design said...

The opening sequence reminded me of the old SNL skit about public radio.

John said...

Yeah. Good times. Really nice. - "Delicious Dish"

Julie said...

I was excited to see that WYPR added this to their lineup. (And now I have to go find the old SNL skit about public radio.)