Saturday, May 03, 2008

It must be festival season...

I tried to stop by the Charles Theatre yesterday evening to buy tickets to a movie for this evening for the Maryland Film Festival. Silly me, thinking there might actually be parking within walking distance. I thought I might try to drive through Mount Vernon until I saw all the booths lining the streets, and just gave up. I didn't even realize that there were so many things happening this weekend alone. Good luck driving around in the city today:

Also in town is that big-tech Walking with Dinosaurs show at the Baltimore (sorry: First Mariner Bank) Arena until Sunday, The Color Purple at the Hippodrome for the next few weeks (prompting Oprah to come back to WJZ via satellite for a brief interview with her buddy Richard Sher*), and too much more for me to mention.

One last thing to note by the way. If you are hungry at the Flower Mart or even the Film Fest, you can get some delicious home cooked Greek food at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation from 5 to 8 tonight for just $10 ($6 for children). I mention it not because I am a parishioner (this Catholic boy hasn't been inside an Orthodox church since the Greek Festival last year). I mention it because it's open to the public. So hey, give some money to the church and get some delicious food in the process!

As for those tickets, I'll try again tonight.

*If you're reading from outside the Baltimore viewing area, I'm not kidding about this. I was watching Oprah as a child on my grandmother's TV screen here in Baltimore when she was just one half of People Are Talking with Richard Sher.

UPDATE - Here, have a look: Oprah and Richard with their psychic friend James Randi, on People Are Talking, sometime in 1980.


jj said...

Festivals - gotta love them and they always mean such great food!

MJB said...

Hey don't forget tomorrow (Sunday) is the first day of the Farmer's Market under 83! I hope the Peruvian chicken stand is back this year, I've been thinking about that stand all winter! They take a warm tortilla, then add lettuce and slow-cooked Peruvian chicken, then add this combination of sauces that's like nothing else... spicy & mysterious!

not to mention the crepe stand, the fresh juice stand, the fried mini-doughnut stand.. does it get any snackier?!

John said...

I am chagrined to say I have never been to the farmers' market under the 83. This is probably a good time as any to get some exposure to it!