Monday, May 05, 2008

Fried? Broiled? You Decide!

So far it's a pretty even match-up. Out of fourteen people, ten issued a preference for crab cakes so far, and it's split 50-50 down the middle as to whether or not people like 'em fried or broiled. Another person says either/or. It must also be noted that two people think crab is nasty (oh, maybe they misinterpreted what "crab" meant), and one guy doesn't even know what I'm talking about.

Further input? Feel free to put yours in! The poll ends in ten more days.


Chodite said...

Mmm broiled crab cake sub/sandwich from Casa Mia's on Honeygo Blvd. in Perry Hall/White Marsh. Probably the best in town!

P.S: LOVE your site. Only problem is I just had my tonsils ripped out, I'm hungry as hell, can't eat a thing but your site is making my mouth water!

P.S. 2 - you've GOT to visit Canellas Italian Deli on Belair Road in north Perry Hall. Cold cut with everything - trust me!

- Brad in Perry Hall

John said...

Thanks! I'm glad I can make people hungry!

I should be getting out to Honeygo Blvd in a few exits - that's like 31C, right? I'll have to head there.

I get to Belair Road often. I'll check out Canellas.