Saturday, May 10, 2008

Butter the Ones You Love for Mother's Day - Just Ask the Deen Boys!

You know, Paula Deen and sons' "cream cheese in a blanket rolled in butter and orange rind and covered in an orange juice and powdered sugar glaze" coffee cake (or "Nutty Orange Coffee Cake", as the Deens call it) actually doesn't sound bad at all, so long as you don't pour another 1/2 cup of melted butter all over it and then sprinkle a "teaspoon" of sugar on top.

Gratuitous butter shot

Sans that last elephantine sprinkle of powdered sugar, and maybe a little less butter, I might actually have to make that. I like the "pigs in a blanket" technique they used: wrapping canned biscuit dough around slices of cream cheese, rolling them around in melted butter and then orange rind, putting it in the pan and going from there.

Before it is drowned in eight more tablespoons of melted butter and put in a hot oven

They roll it around in nuts, too, but I am not a big fan of nuts in my dessert (shut up). Not on cake, not in brownies, not in fudge (especially not in fudge). Just my personal preference.

And the finished product! No, those are real vegetables in front of Jimmy. They're makin' sammiches. No, really!

My sister, who has had a somewhat rougher week than most lately, suggested to me today that my father and I make something for Mother's Day for her and our mother. I work alone, so if Dad wants to make something he will be doing it himself. Maybe I'll make that coffee cake and bring it over tomorrow. Of course, it will no longer be a secret since Cathy will probably have read about it right here. So why keep it a secret? I just went and told her.


Kitt said...

Huh, that's a different version of monkey bread. I'll have to try modifying mine that way. I'd recommend mine to you, but it's loaded with pecans.

John said...

Yours IS easy! Now pecans are one of the nuts I tolerate more than others (same goes for peanuts), though I don't actively seek things out that are made with them, or again, any nut. I may need to try yours.