Saturday, May 10, 2008

I love "Soup"

Who are you, ¿mujer misteriosa de madera?

I am addicted to very few television shows, and most of those I can catch illegally on YouTube. One of the few that I cannot help watching about every single time it airs is The Soup (formerly Talk Soup, but now with much more reality show clippage), featuring its latest host, Joel McHale. Its previous incarnation featured now-much-more-famous past hosts such as Hal Sparks (late of Queer as Folk), Aisha Tyler (who pops up in everything - remember her in Ghost Whisperer and CSI?) and Oscar-winner Greg Kinnear (I loved Little Miss Sunshine).

I've been itchin' to post something Soup-related. I mean, the name of the show alone makes it fair game for this blog. The photo above is what finally triggered me to write about Joel's discomfiting encounter with the Mexican Televisa Network's mysterious Mujer de Madera (literally: Woman of Wood), currently airing on Univision:

Aren't they so silly? Especially when they get Star Trek's Walter Koenig to pop up as a guest persona de madera.

Yep. Silly.

I really don't know what else to say about that.