Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How the heck do I miss these things!?

I thought I was being so on top of things by reminding people about Henry Hong on the Dan Rodricks show last week. Then I log on to WYPR's website at work to see if there is anything interesting on this afternoon.

I find out what they had on this

Rhubarb… by Coconut and Lime

Baltimore-based food blogger Rachel Rappaport talks to Tom about exactly what to do with rhubarb --- that red, tart vegetable that causes epicures to either salivate or grimace at the thought. Rachel also shares a memory of smearcase, and growing up in the Highlandtown area of Baltimore --- and what food blogging is like, in the Mid-Atlantic region.

External Links:

Coconut & Lime
Taste of the Bay

I guess I'm not so on-the-ball after all. Not that I could've listened at the time; at least I can listen to it after the fact. But a belated congrats to Rachel for getting on the radio!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the mention!