Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Five Ten things that popped in my mind about tonight's Top Chef

Of all the nights I decided to forgo the live blog thing, this was not the one to do it. Too much interesting, snark-worthy stuff happening. But I will put down ten things that jump out at me about this episode (will probably do the live-blog thing next week). To wit:

1. Oh right, Spike. Everyone is jealous of you. So that must be why you've been in the bottom three the last few weeks! Cuz everyone's jealous of you!

2. For fucksake I hate these people.

3. Mmmm. Beer. I saw Hoegaarden, one of my new favorite beers (as found in Amsterdam).

4. Awww, Jennifer dedicated her dish to her Greek goddess Zoi. How cute! Next watch as I make a dessert inspired by my cat.

5. Damn, Ryan, how sheltered a life have you led? Pears with creme fraiche? At a tailgate? Honestly, I don't tailgate, but even I know that doesn't work. (Of course, I was trying to figure out how I would've worked crabcakes or oysters into the challenge. We in the Chesapeake gotta represent!)

6. I'm starting to hate Andrew less.

7. Hey, Mark don't look too bad covered in bubbles.

8. Goddamn I hate these people!

9. Dale won again? The guy is hot! But I figured Antonia or Steph would slug him or something. At least Lisa wasn't in there.

10. Dang, Ryan, so sad to see you go - but the judges were right, your dish was kind of lame. Too bad we didn't get your ass in the bathtub covered in bubbles, heheheh.


allergic said...


Love your blog!! And I love B-more! I was born and raised in Howard County. I live in Atlanta now and I miss MD. I'm definitely plan on returning often.

So why do you not like Spike? He is one of my favorites. I talked about this on my blog. Check out my perspective and let me know your thoughts.

Later dude.

John said...

Thanks very much! I'm not a big fan of Spike because he acts like a jerk, and (like many of the contestants this season) is very full of himself.

Kathy aka the Minx said...

What about Lisa "beating her meat?" I couldn't figure a way to fit it into my recap, since I couldn't find a suitable image to use.

John said...

I vaguely remember that, but it escaped me at the time I posted. Yep, not quite sure how to put that one.